Discord Celebrated a Big 6 Years Yesterday!

Discord Celebrated 6 Years Yesterday!

Discord turned 6 yesterday and celebrated on social media by opening gifts all day!

The video, voice and text communication platform posted an hour long video to its social media platforms periodically opening gifts to celebrate the milestone. The twist is that the gifts were for Discord users everywhere! A gift would appear on screen, once opened multiple codes would flood the screen allowing users to claim their prize.

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Fans announced they were rushing to hit “print screen” to be able to claim their codes, but they had to be fast, or they’d be hit with the “Sad Trombone”, meaning someone else had already claimed the code. The first gift available to fans was free Discord Nitro, which is usually $99.99 per year or $9.99 per month. Nitro promises to enhance your Discord experience as a whole.

Along with their birthday celebrations, it is rumoured that Discord will be released new features soon, one of which could be “Stage Channels”. This will allegedly allow communities and users to find social audio rooms. Reports say that “Stage Discovery” will allow users to view a list of Stage Channels and will be relevant to their interests with help from Machine Learning.

According to The Verge, you’ll be able to listen in on a Stage Channels feel and jump into the room if you like what you hear. They also reported that according to Discord, Stage Discovery will launch on June 1st. When users log on they will see a new Stage Channels icon on the mail toolbar for mobile, and in the home menu on desktop.

The Verge stated that, “Discord says that Stage Channels can’t use profane language in their titles or descriptions, and explicit, graphic, or sexual content is prohibited. Users can report Stage Channels that violate the rules. And to help prevent bad stuff from bubbling up the feed, the company will also enforce its policies through technology, Discord’s own trust and safety team, and community moderation.”

So Happy Birthday Discord! We look forward to many more years of gaming communication and can’t wait to see what you come out with next!

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