Disney Shuts Down Game Publishing Division, Disney Infinity Cancelled

| May 10, 2016
Disney Shuts Down Game Publishing Division, Disney Infinity

Disney is no longer in the game publishing business.

In their second-quarter earnings report, Disney announced that they are no longer self-publishing console games and is taking a $147 million charge.

As a result, Disney is also shutting down Avalanche Software, as well as discontinuing the Disney Infinity line of toys and video games.

“Disney Infinity was a critical success that inspired a deeply engaged community of players. But, despite Disney Infinity’s quality, it has become difficult to financially justify continued investment given the lack of growth in the toys-to-life market. Coupled with high development costs, the economics of our current vertical business model no longer add up”, said Senior VP John Blackburn in a press release.

There are 2 final add-ons for Disney Infinity scheduled for release: 3 characters from Alice Through The Looking Glass are releasing this month, and a Finding Dory Play Set scheduled for release in June.

Avalanche Software is best known for developing the Disney Infinity series.

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