Disney’s Encanto Invites Us to New, Enchanting 1st Trailer

Disney’s Encanto Invites Us to New, Enchanting 1st Trailer

Disney is hoping to bring us to tears with its latest animated film coming out soon.

Walt Disney Animation Studios is doing what they do best again: creating a magical world with children and animals, making us laugh and cry uncontrollably.

The new trailer for the upcoming Disney film, “Encanto”, has just dropped today! It is a wild adventure set in Columbia, bringing music, magic and spectacular animation at its forefront. The movie is slated to hit theatres on November 24, 2021.

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The film is about a Columbian family named “the Madigrals” who lives a superpowered life when a mysterious candle is lit back in time. The candle’s magic granted them a miracle, which built a house out of magic dust (sorry if this is too much magic for you). But that’s not all, the family members were each granted superpowers as well, like super strength, the ability to talk to animals and Aphrodite-level beauty. Even the house and furniture have the power to move on its own!

The story revolves around the only powerless Madrigal member in the family, Mirabel. She has always seemed to be questioning why she wasn’t granted any powers, but this comes at a time when the house and its magic is waning. No one knows why the magic is fading now, but Mirabel makes it her quest to find out how to fix or save the magic for her family and home. Perhaps, her journey will give her the answers she needs to obviously hear; you don’t need powers to be special, girl!

Disney’s Encanto Invites Us To New, Enchanting 1St Trailer

Encanto is backed by a stunning voice cast which includes Stephanie Beatriz (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, In the Heights) as Mirabel; María Cecilia Botero as Mirabel’s grandmother Alma aka Abuela; Angie Cepeda (Jane the Virgin) and Wilmer Valderrama (NCIS) as Mirabel’s parents, Julieta and Agustín; and much more.

The featured songs will be brought to life by musical genius Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton, Moana). Byron Howard (Zootopia, Tangled) and Jared Bush (co-director Zootopia) will co-direct with Charise Castro Smith (writer “The Death of Eva Sofia Valdez”) and the film will be produced by Clark Spencer and Yvett Merino.

Disney’s Encanto Invites Us To New, Enchanting 1St Trailer

Surprisingly, John Leguizamo revealed he will be a part of the voice cast as Mirabel’s uncle, Bruno, who has the power to see the future. Not ominous at all. Leguizamo shared his thoughts on joining Encanto, “I was so pumped to be asked to the party…Lin-Manuel [Miranda] wrote me a rap, and I flipped out! Plus, this is such a beautiful story set in Colombia. It’s a first in so many ways. The magic is enchanting, the comedy is so sharp, and the world created is irresistible.”

Be sure to check out Disney’s latest magical tale this November!

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