Disruptor Beam talks The Walking Dead: March to War

| Mar 2, 2017
Disruptor Beam talks The Walking Dead: March to War 1

The Walking Dead is still one of the most profitable franchises across multiple platforms, with its fingers in comics, TV, and video games. Still, the franchise keeps growing with mobile-based strategy multiplayer title The Walking Dead: March to War and developer Disruptor Beam shared some information regarding the upcoming title.

Shared in a blog post, the developer caught up with Michael Leoncavallo, the senior game designer for The Walking Dead: March to War to talk about the Survival System in the game. He’s worked at Disruptor Beam for over three years and has worked on Game of Thrones Ascent. One integral part of the system is recruiting survivors.

“Survivors are essentially your troops,” says Leoncavallo in the blog post, “They are your primary means of interacting with other players in the game and the Map…. From scavenging resources and completing missions, to attacking other players, Survivors are the core of your power and will be key in helping you advance.”

Players will gain survivors through a recruiting system that allows players to take in wandering people. It was inspired by Aaron’s technique of bringing in newcomers to Alexandria in the comics. The survivors brought in will be customizable to be specialized for different jobs.  The survivors will be part of different classes, which appear to be groups that share different strengths and weaknesses. This could add another layer of strategy, especially in PVP mode because the game features permadeath.

“You’ll think twice about sending off a member of your team on a mission or into battle,” says Leoncavallo.  “You don’t want to lose them because, exactly like the graphic novels, if they die they’re gone forever.”

Disruptor Beam Talks The Walking Dead: March To War 1

Along with this insight, Disruptor beam shared some new artwork for the game. It mostly resembles concept art, but this gives a glimpse into the game’s aesthetic which resembles the comics.
No solid release date is official, but The Walking Dead: March to War is slated for a 2017 release on iOS and Android.

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