Divinity: Original Sin Has Release Date

| April 25, 2014
Divinity: Original Sin Has Release Date 1

One year after its Kickstarter ended, Larian Studios has announced Divinity: Original Sin will see final release June 20



The Belgium-based developer announced the date on its website, along with a video showing a comparison between the old alpha-builds and the current state of the game, with marked improvement in graphics, ambient effects and terrain variety.

YouTube video

The co-op RPG takes place in the Divinity universe, a tongue-in-cheek high-fantasy setting shown in games such as RPGs Divine Divinity and Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga, and in hybrid strategy game Dragon Commander. A main feature of Original Sin is its cooperative play between two characters, controlled either by one player or two, and detailed interaction mechanics with each other and the surrounding world.

Divinity’s Kickstarter ended April 26


, 2013 with $944,282 dollars, over twice its initial goal, with 19,541 total backers. The game is currently in early-access beta on Steam for $39.99, as of April 3, 2014.

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