The Division Beta Gets Updated

The Division will be having another open beta for everyone on February 18 – 21 for Xbox One players and on the 19 – 21 for PC and PS4 players.

The beta client has updated and the following is an incomplete list of the changes to be experienced.

This time, testers will get to play a new story mission that takes place in the subway and they’ll get access to the Tech Wing in their base of operations. The Tech Wing will allow players to upgrade their gear and unlock the new deployable turret skill.

In the subway you’ll encounter a new faction, known as The Cleaners. You’re tasked with restoring the power back to the city which will require you to explore a mass grave and rescue a missing Engineer, Paul Rhodes.

The Dark Zones are seeing some improvements in the form of raising the effect of some rewards, experience curves have been adjusted, NPCs have been buffed and you’ll see more of them in the Dark Zones, the chest refresh rate has been reduced, high end weapons are available and certain ropes, giving players unfair vantage points have been removed. For going rogue, players will receive a new warning icon before they actually become rogue, and rogue players’ health bars will go red after they become rogue.

Other changes include a new tutorial video that is available from the chapter select screen. There’s a new Ubisoft Club action for participating the in the beta, as well as a reward to use in-game. Several bug fixes involved issues where players became invisible to each other and an exploit that allowed users with the Ballistic Shield skill to become invincible. As well, there is better cheat detection and prevention in place.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg, there’s a myriad of other changes and fixes that you can read more about at gamezone. Check those fixes out next week as you play the beta.

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