Ubisoft Outlines The Division Post-Launch Roadmap

| Mar 3, 2016
The Division Post-Launch Roadmap

Ubisoft has unveiled the support plan for The Division for the rest of 2016.

While players can expect to receive regular content through daily and weekly missions as well as Dark Zone events, there will be two free content updates and three paid expansions.

The first freebie comes in April, Incursions adds end-game content to throw dangerous enemies at teams, rewarding victorious groups with high level weapons and equips. Loot trading will be added at that time since it has been a popular demand among fans already.

The second update adds new, unnamed changes to Dark Zones and will add and Incursion to Columbus Circle and lands in May.

The first of the paid expansions is the Underground, it launches in June. This gives players access to the maze-like underground of New York City. Players get to chase after deadly enemies as they navigate through tunnels and subways.

Survival is the second paid expansion and is out in the summer. This content pack puts players in a hostile environment and has them survive as long as possible.

The Last Stand expansion is out this winter and treats players to a new, relentless threat.

The Division is out March 8 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can grab the season’s pass, the Gold Edition or the Collector’s Edition to get access to the paid expansions.

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