Don’t Starve gets Shipwrecked Expansion Today

| Mar 31, 2016
Don't Starve gets Shipwrecked Expansion Today

Don’t Starve’s newest expansion, Shipwrecked, is available today.

In Don’t Starve: Shipwrecked, the game’s protagonist, Wilson, finds himself stranded on a tropical island. Wilson must learn to survive in a brand new environment filled with new environments, seasons with different weather patterns, and deadly new creatures.

Don'T Starve Gets Shipwrecked Expansion Today 2

The new tropical archipelago is just as brutal and uncompromising as the original environments of Don’t Starve. Players will find the islands are packed with plenty of ways to die, including deadly creatures, poisonous environmental hazards and as the game’s title recommends, starvation.

New Features brought to the table in Shipwrecked include new craftable boats for oceanic adventure, a new world packed with new resources and creatures, new tropically inspired seasons and a brand new array of gadgets and recipes.

Don'T Starve Gets Shipwrecked Expansion Today 1

Shipwrecked is currently available as DLC for Don’t Starve. The expansion is exclusively available on PC.

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