Doom Embraces The Selfie

| Feb 16, 2015
Doom Embraces The Selfie - 2015-02-16 14:02:05

Doom is one of the classic games of the 90’s. Not only did it bring the first person shooter to the forefront of gaming, but it also helped push gaming into a more adult medium. Tearing down the forces of hell was a hard job, but it made for a fun experience, one that still holds up today. Now don’t you wish you could dive in and take selfies as you lay waste to demons? Well now you can. Thanks to the Doom Mod “InstaDoom” by Linguica that is all now possible!

Giving players 37 Instagram style filters to explore the classic FPS with. If that where not enough, Linguica has replaced the BFG with the a seflie stick. This stick has the iconic Doom guy on the end, allowing you to capture the exciting moments of Doom in the only way that really matters, with a selfie!

Head over to Doomworld and grab your copy today!

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