Dragon Ball Fusions Coming to North America Dec 13th

| Sep 21, 2016
Dragon Ball Fusions Coming to North America Dec 13th 2

Earlier this year, Ganbarion and Bandai Namco released Dragon Ball Fusions for Nintendo 3DS. The game was sadly slated for a Japan-exclusive release, meaning anyone who wanted to play the latest installment into the Dragon Ball series had to import it. But in a subbed trailer posted by GameSpotDragon Ball Fusions was officially unveiled for a release date in North America: Dec 13th, 2016.

Dragon Ball Fusions places the player on a mysterious island where time and dimensions have been fused together. The game is structured as a role-playing game, and features a variety of popular franchise characters throughout the Dragon Ball series. The game’s hallmark is its fusion mechanic, which allows players to take two characters from any time period in the series and fuse them together with the Metamo-Ring: creating an all-new powerful hero to use in battle. An enormous amount of fusions exist, although some fusions are stronger than others.

Among other features, avatars are entirely customizable in the game, allowing five different races for the player to choose from. Male and female player characters are both available too, which is a nice touch. In essence, their entire physical appearance is left to the player’s choice, and a variety of options are available.

As the Dragon Ball Fusions trailer is entirely in Japanese, there’s no word yet as to whether the upcoming game will be dubbed into English. With the three month gap between the game’s release, and a French trailer noting that the European version will be out in February, it seems plausible that there would be a delay for localized voice lines. But nothing is set in stone. Until then, stay tuned for more news: There’s sure to be a lot of buzz around Dragon Ball Fusions when it officially launches at the end of the year.

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