Dragonball FighterZ Adds Original Character to the Roster

| September 16, 2017
Dragonball FighterZ Adds Original Character to the Roster 2

The roster of characters in Dragonball FighterZ has been growing ever so steadily lately. A few easy to guess characters have been announced, such as Piccolo and Krillin, but it seems like we’re finally rounding out the Z Fighters and getting to more interesting characters.

Case in point, the first completely original character has been announced for the roster in V-Jump Magazine. Named Android 21, this character was designed by original Dragonball mangaka Akira Toriyama. It’s currently unknown what exact role Android 21 will play in the story, but it’s said she’s an integral figure to the story. She’s also seen wearing a lab coat, which implies that she is a scientist much like Doctor Gero, the creator of the previous Androids and Cell.

Gero also turned himself into an Android, Android 20 to be exact, so 21 being his successor makes sense. 21 is also paired with Android 16 in screenshots, which implies that she has something to do with Android 16 being alive in this story. 21 also doesn’t have stats attributed to her, so it’s unknown if she’ll be playable or just a story character.

Dragonball Fighterz Adds Original Character To The Roster 1

Alongside Android 21, the rest of the Z Fighters are accounted for. Both Tien and Yamcha are confirmed to be playable and Chiaotzu will be a support character, most likely for Tien. Yamcha can use his “Wolf Fang Fist” ability in all of his combos, and Tien can use his famous “Tri-Beam” attack. With their inclusion, Dragonball FighterZ will have to dig a bit deeper to get more characters, which hopefully means more obscure characters will get a chance in the limelight. Personally, my fingers are crossed for Videl and weird, non-canon characters like Broly. There are also unlockable characters confirmed with the inclusion of Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta, so perhaps Android 21 is just unlockable and they don’t want to spoil her stats early on.

Dragonball Fighterz Adds Original Character To The Roster

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