In Shocking Reveal, Dragon’s Dogma II Has Been Confirmed By Capcom

Dragon's Dogma II Has Been Confirmed By Capcom

After years of speculation, Capcom has finally confirmed that Dragon’s Dogma II is in development.

The game’s director, Hideaki Itsuno, made the announcement during a 10th anniversary retrospective video for the original Dragon’s Dogma. To cap off the announcement, he unzipped his jacket to reveal the Dragon’s Dogma II logo emblazoned on his shirt. This news will come as a relief to fans of the original game who have been waiting for a sequel for many years.

This is exciting news, as few games captured the feeling Dragon’s Dogma managed. This unique game offers a unique experience that has yet to be duplicated. With its innovative combat system and clever Pawn system, where you can hire other players’ NPC companions, Dragon’s Dogma is an unmissable JRPG for anyone looking for a challenge.

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Reviewer Steven Messner summed up his 8.5 out of 10 review of Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen by saying, “I cannot help but smile every time I think about Dragon’s Dogma. Even if every new idea presented doesn’t always work or make sense, there is still so much originality and adventure at its heart that I’m inclined to overlook those moments of frustration. As open world games continue to cross-pollinate into one breed of the same, Dragon’s Dogma is endearingly quirky, flawed, and, above all else, fun.”

With it already being ten years since the first instalment was released, there have been additions to the franchise, including ports of the game onto platforms like the Nintendo Switch. It also spawned an anime series that was loosely based on the story of the game. While it may not have lived up to the essence of the series it did manage to be serviceable, if not the best adaptation of the game and managed to achieve mainly positive critical results.

While little to nothing is known about Dragon’s Dogma II or when we can expect it, the fact Capcom is putting money behind making it a reality is certainly a release for many fans. The studio has been impressing its faithful fans recently, announcing Street Fighter 6, more Resident Evil DLC and remakes, and returns to other beloved yet lapsed franchises, and the announcement of Dragon’s Dogma II is the unexpected icing on the cake of their Summer Games Fest showings.

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