Digital Extremes Unveiled Duviri Paradox Warframe Expansion Details

Digital Extremes Unveiled Details About Upcoming Duviri Paradox Warframe Expansion

As part of the Tennocon 2022 celebration, Digital Extremes gave more details about the ambitious Warframe expansion Duviri Paradox, slated to launch Winter 2022.

The Duviri Paradox brings a new chapter to the ever-growing lore of Warframe. The expansion brings with it a powerful upgrade system and a mission of seizing control of Duviri’s colour-changing open world from the tyrannical rule of its king Dominus Thrax, all before the cycle of time repeats.

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In the live-gameplay session, The Duviri Paradox gave a glimpse of the Drifter with his house-like creature Kaithe, working to escape the Duviri’s endless time loop. The demo gave a good glimpse of the look, feel and style of the release, and shows how the team at Digital Extremes are willing to push the bar on what Warframe can be and how it continues to expand the lore and experience of the game.

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“‘The Duviri Paradox’ is a welcomed departure for us. It’s completely different from anything we’ve ever designed in Warframe from gameplay style to colour palette and underlying themes, it’s just so uniquely its own and I think players will really enjoy the world we’ve built using layers of colour as a narrative technique,” said Warframe Creative Director Rebecca Ford. “Colour is a very important thematic element in this expansion and players discovered a little of what that means from our live demo at TennoCon this year. We have much more to share about how player’s existing Arsenals fit into this visually stunning and unique space – don’t miss our Devstreams!”

“Winter 2022” isn’t too far off, but soon, Digital Extremes will be bringing you the interim update that is known as Veilbreaker to tide Tenno’s everywhere over. This updater will not only include a new Frame type named Styanax, it will also but also bring back a fan-favourite character from New War, Kahl. Veilbreaker will also see the return of Archon bosses now reworked to be harder and now playable in Warframe’s traditional four-player content.

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Warframe shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, and even as Digital Extremes ramps up for a new MMORPG title Soulframe, The Duviri Paradox is ushering in new exciting changes that hopefully are just a taste of what fans can expect in the years to come.

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