Soulframe, A New MMORPG, Announced by Warframe Developer

Soulframe, A New MMORPG, Announced by Warframe Developer

Known for the hugely popular Warframe, Digital Extremes revealed they are working on a new MMORPG with a new fantasy setting titled Soulframe.

The new MMORPG is still in early development, and few details are yet known, but it was announced that long-time Creative Director Steve Sinclair will transition from Warframe to the new Soulframe, and he will be replaced by Warframe by Community Director Rebecca Ford.

Just like Warframe, the game will be a free-to-play experience, but instead of exploring the many exotic distant worlds, Soulframe will have a more open-world fantasy setting. Heavily influenced by nature, restoration, and exploration, this new title takes inspiration from movies like Princess Mononoke and The NeverEnding Story.

“Where Warframe is focused on shooting, this one’s focused on melee,” Creative Director, Steve Sinclair said in an interview with the Washington Post. “Where Warframe is super fast and crazy high-speed, this one’s going to be a lot more slow and heavy. But it still has a lot of similarities to the genre that we have experience in.”

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While the name Soulframe may inspire thoughts of FromSoftware’s Elden Ring and the Dark Souls games, it seems that was not intentional. “I think it certainly isn’t an inspiration for the initial ideas or what we wanted to do,” Sinclair said. “Ironically, other titles that were maybe borrowing from ‘Warframe’ might have been some sort of reverse influence. But ‘Elden Ring’ has absolutely been a subject of some conversation — maybe to do with camera, maybe to do with how excellent their combat pacing is. And you know, screw those guys, because damn, [‘Elden Ring‘] was absolutely fantastic.”

Soulframe, A New Mmorpg, Announced By Warframe Developer

For people looking to find out more about Soulframe, you can head over to the games’ website. Once you solve the puzzle, you will get a chance to see some images of the game, along with a way to sign-up for updates.

In addition to learning more about the game, players eager to join in the fun can also reserve their Envoy’s Title (display name) and get access to the Alca’s Eye item when the game launches.

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