Dynasty Warriors Makes the Leap to Mobile

| March 30, 2017
Dynasty Warriors Makes the Leap to Mobile 3

The iconic combat action series is making it’s way to phones and tablets today with its newest instalment, Dynasty Warriors Unleashed. So far there have been eight main entries in the franchise and several in the Xtreme Legends and Empires spin-offs but this is the first time the game has made the jump to mobile devices (though there have been a few versions released for PSP and Vita in the past).

With a roster of 48 different characters to choose from and a plethora of weapons, fans of the series will be able to hack and slash their way through the three kingdoms period again, but this time they can do it on the go.

Dynasty Warriors Makes The Leap To Mobile
A screenshot of some of the combat footage from Dynasty Warriors Unleashed

On top of a single player mode the game features an online component as well. Cooperative play and PVP have been added to the game with several game modes to choose from to take on other players. Conquest mode is the campaign for the game but this time there is a cooperative option so you can play along with friends. Skirmish sees players face off against each other in battles that feature up to four players, which isn’t too surprising considering anything more than that would crash even the mightiest of phones.

Boss fights sees you skip the small battles and move right to fighting other major characters such as Lu Bu or Guan Yu. Raid has players stealing valuable resources from their opponents and, finally, War Supply sees you take over strategic points like mines from other players in competitive multiplayer.

Dynasty Warriors Makes The Leap To Mobile 1
Here’s a look at some of the characters players get to choose from

“Ever since the launch of Dynasty Warriors 2 back in 2000, players have been drawn to the series’ over-the-top action gameplay,” said Lawrence Koh, General Manager, Nexon M. “Nexon is honored to bring the devastating combat of Dynasty Warriors to mobile devices and share the experience of becoming a legendary warrior with longtime fans and a brand new audience of players around the world.”

Dynasty Warriors Unleashed is available on iOS and Android devices right now for free.

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