Dyson Brings Refresh To Their Cordless Vacuum Range

Dyson Brings Refresh To Their Cordless Vacuum Range

Today, Dyson launched the Dyson V12 Detect Slim alongside a series of refreshes to their cordless vacuum range.

Dyson has long stood as some of the best consumer vacuums you can buy, delivering easy to use devices with a range of features. Today they have just made things a bit more exciting with the release of the Dyson V12TM Detect Slim, refreshes to their cordless ranges, and a host of new attachments to make cleaning easier than ever.

Keeping the signature look, the Dyson V12 Detect Slim is designed for those looking for a lighter, more compact vacuum while not compromising on performance.  The V12 Detect Slim combines key features from the full range of Dyson cord-free vacuums and finds a great balance between power, performance and weight.  Dyson’s latest also features a single button power control that allows users to simply press rather than squeeze the trigger. This makes cleaning even easier than before, and if that were not enough, the new vacuum includes Dyson laser illumination to never miss dirt or grime on your floors.

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With this announcement, Dyson also announced a new advanced de-tangling brush bar technology. This new head design is supposed to make the tangles of hair in the vacuum a thing of the past. The brush bar was designed with built-in hair guide combs that help to remove hair directly into the brush head to ensure all of your vacuumed up hairs do not clog up the vacuum, allowing you to clean longer without issue. The new cleaning head will be coming to the refreshed models of the V8, V10 along with the new V12.

The announcements did not stop there, with Dyson also announcing a series of new attachments for a range of uses and situations. Perhaps the most exciting for pet lovers is the new pet grooming kit, bringing pet brushing to the world of vacuums. With it easily attaching onto your favourite cordless vacuum, the new grooming kit boasts 364 bristles on it which are at a 35-degree angle from the base of the brush. It’s flexible, so you can use it to get through even long-haired dogs’ fur without pulling or tiring your arm out, and the handy button will push the hair off the brush, so it can be pulled into the vacuum without getting your hands dirty.

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If that were not enough the scratch-free dusting brush makes it easy to clean your delicate electronics with your Dyson without the fear of damage. Featuring 8,100 ultrafine and densely packed polybutylene terephthalate polymer filaments, it will let you get at the hard-to-reach dirt and dust all while being gentle enough to use on the most expensive technology and gear, something we can all appreciate.

Finally, just to round things off, the new Awkward Gap Tool makes it easier to reach hard to reach areas even in tight locations. With the ability to twist 22 degrees, the Awkward Gap Tool is made to reach the hardest to reach locations, even when doing cleaning in tight spaces, or even cards. This is the sort of tool car lovers should be excited about, making it possible to clean the backseat without contorting your body in the strangest of positions.

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The Dyson V12 Detect Slim will set you back $849.99 and along with the rest of the range and attachments is available directly from Dyson.

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