Dyson Zone Revealed as the Company’s First Wireless Air Purifying Headphones

Dyson Zone

Dyson knows a thing or two about moving air with its product and somehow the same can be said for its first wireless headphones, the Dyson Zone which comes with a visor-like air purifier that blasts fresh air on the wearer.

The Dyson Zone is a first in two ways as it is the company’s first step into the audio tech market, but it’s also their first air purifier that covers the nose and mouth when put on. The final product we see today was developed after 500 interactions of the product’s core design which probably works better in a market of commercial air purifiers following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Each earpiece of the headphone features two miniature electric motors that are the smallest power compressors the company has ever developed. Through the compressors, it draws in air which is cleansed through the headphone’s dual-layer filters. The filter system firstly uses electrostatic filtration to grab and hold onto 99 percent of particles, which includes pollen, bacteria and dust. The final layer uses a “Potassium-enriched carbon filter” to capture gases like nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide, and ozone, which can be found in cities with a huge number of vehicles.

Dyson Reveals Its First Wireless Air Purifying Headphones
Dyson Zone

After the Dyson Zone quickly goes through these two processes, this results in the purified air being sent to the wearer’s nose and mouth area through the Dyson Zone’s face visor. Users have a choice of choosing between four purification modes – high, medium, low and auto. The latter one switches between low and medium depending on movement. The visor itself isn’t too tight as it doesn’t touch a user’s face which means interested buyers shouldn’t consider it as an alternative to wearing a mask in public. Instead, Dyson provides a mask as users can wear it under the face visor.

Dyson hasn’t revealed an official price or release date but considering other premium headphones and air purifiers’ price points, it sounds like it won’t be cheap. Especially knowing all the resources the company has put into it and the price points of similar products it might cost over $600. On the release front, the company says it expects the Dyson Zone to become available online and in-store at its Demo Stores sometime in Fall 2022.

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