Earth and sky come together in the latest Asura’s Wrath trailer

Earth and sky come together in the latest Asura's Wrath trailer

The latest Asura’s Wrath trailer is just as crazy as the last one.

Capcom’s Captivate 2011 press event is now underway, which means we’ve been inundated with the usual flood of assets from Capcom’s upcoming titles. Up first is Asura’s Wrath, an action game about an angry god who has been stripped of his powers and subsequently seeks revenge against the rest of his pantheon.

If you’re thinking that sounds a lot like God of War, trust me when I say you’re not alone. There are some differences – the new trailer opens with “Previously on Asura’s Wrath” and the episodic storytelling owes more to TV soap operas than Sony Santa Monica – but when Asura uses his bare fists to fight a monster so big that it can’t even fit on the planet, you get the sense that he’s just trying to prove that he’s more manly than Kratos and his wussy Blades of Chaos.

Asura has sprouted a few extra arms, although the extra limbs don’t seem like they would be much help in a battle against an intergalactic Buddha. Then again, it’s possible that I’m missing something. Asura’s Wrath gets crazier every time we see it, and at this point I’d like to see some gameplay instead of another pre-rendered cinematic.

The new trailer and screenshots are below. We still don’t know when Asura’s Wrath will be available.

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