ecobee Smart Thermostat Knows When a Window or Door is Open

| Jun 23, 2021
ecobee Smart Thermostat Knows When a Window or Door is Open

With summer officially on, ecobee has announced it is the first smart thermostat to offer this brand new energy-saving feature.

The newly added feature now allows your ecobee SmartThermostat to pause heating or cooling when a door or window is open for more than five minutes. The smart thermostat isn’t all-knowing as it’s only able to detect the openness when the SmartSensor for doors and windows is attached to an opening.

After five minutes users will receive a notification with information about which door or window has been left open. After 30 seconds of closing the opening, heating or cooling will continue. The days of stealthily opening the windows or doors to go against the one in charge of the thermostat may be over.

ecobee Smart Thermostat

The new energy-saving feature has been highly requested by ecobee customers which they can start using today. If the new feature has piqued your interest in any way, the SmartSensor for doors and windows is on sale for $49.99 (originally $79.99) until July 2nd. Additionally, ecobee customers who don’t already have a subscription can receive a two-month free Haven trial to try out the SmartThermostat service. You can also check out the other services and products they offer too.

“ecobee Haven is more than a home monitoring system. It’s a smart home management system,” ecobee Founder and CEO, Stuart Lombard said. “Adding this feature to Haven underscores our commitment to building a comprehensive and sustainable smart home management system that connects home heating and cooling with home monitoring. We look forward to continuing to add features and benefits for Haven subscribers in the future.”

The ecobee Haven allows you to go as you please without the need of keypads, countdowns, and false alarms. Registered family members are detected through Wi-Fi and geo-fencing so the home security functions of Haven automatically disarm when they arrive home. Another function of the SmartSensor for doors and windows is to notify homeowners through the ecobee app when someone enters their home.

Don’t wait to save on your energy bills! The SmartSensor for doors and windows is available now!

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