Enshrouded Looks Like An All In One Action-RPG


Keen Games shows off their newest project, Enshrouded, an enticing action-RPG survival game where you can explore the fog.

Dive into the shroud in Keen Games‘ newest project, Enshrouded, an exciting action-RPG survival game where you can fight beasts and build towns alongside up to 16 friends. Enshrouded is Keen Games’ follow-up to their 2017 award-winning game, Portal Knights.

This game looks like what would happen if Elden Ring, Minecraft, and Rust all got together and had a baby. You are the Flameborne, arriving in the vast world of Enshrouded, bare and ready to fight to survive. You’ll need to gather materials and hunt for food in this game, and through that, you’ll be able to experience a detailed building and crafting mode. Explore and shape the many environments around you by digging through the earth and building vast towns and kingdoms to leave your mark. 

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The building mode looks similar to games like Rust and Fortnite, with what looks like an impressive catalogue of items to decorate with. That alone can entice any gamer with a love for interior design. It seems Enshrouded is bringing a lot of different gaming functions together, creating an immersive and broad game for all kinds of players.  

When it comes to fighting, you can choose from different playstyles. Either master the bow, the staff, or the sword while facing the world; there also seems to be a magic system. For gamers that love building strong characters, Enshrouded comes with a robust skill tree, giving you lots of room to play around with builds. There’s a wide array of powerful enemies to face on your own or with a band of friends. 

When you enter the titular shroud, there’s an increased chance of finding rare loot and minerals. Of course, that comes at a cost: facing off with aggressive enemies in the fog, so you better be prepared. The fog mechanic shows off an impressive fungal environment with similarly fungal enemies. 

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If you’re itching for a new action-RPG survival world to explore, Enshrouded may be just that. If that sounds like the game you’ve been looking for, add Enshrouded to your Steam wishlist today. 

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