Epic Games Announces Paragon

| November 3, 2015
Epic Games Announces Paragon

Epic Games, developers of the Unreal engine and the original Gears of War, have announced a new game they are actively working on titled Paragon.

Little has been revealed about the new game, although it has been hinted on the game’s website that there will be a class system in play. The only class that has been revealed so far are the Twinblast, and they have released a teaser trailer for that class to coincide with the game’s announcement.

YouTube video

If epic is planning a class based shooter, similar to Team Fortress I would be on-board. The original Unreal Tournament has a special charm that few games before or since have managed, if any of this trickles down into this new game, it could be a very exciting game indeed. The game is slated to come out early 2016 for the PC platform.

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