EVE Online Partners up for Science

| March 9, 2016
EVE Online Developer's Announces Embracing Latest Unreal Engine for Future Projects

Coming soon to EVE Online is a collaboration with The Human Protein Atlas and MMOS to bring players a new mini-game and a way to help progress real-world sciences.

Titled, Project Discovery, a new and unique challenge will be presented to the players of EVE Online. A mini-game has been added wherein players search for patterns and differences in images of high-resolution photos of human cells. The results will be submitted by players will be compared against each other and then from there that information will help to expand a real life database of human protein data.

Among helping further the understanding of human protein cells, players will be rewarded in-game and will increase your Project Discovery rank. To join, players will have to talk to the project lead, Professor Lundberg with the Sisters of EVE who will get you started.

CCP Games is working with Massively Multiplayer Online Sciences and Reykjavik University to make this possible. You can read more about everything here.

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