Facebook Adding Petitions To Users’ News Feed

| January 21, 2019
Facebook Adding Petitions To Users' News Feed

If there are two things everyone seems to agree on in 2019 is that social media is a big part of our lives and that we’d love to contribute to a bigger cause, if it was more accessible to our fingertips of course – thanks to Facebook however, these two ideals seem to be finally merging, but the company’s past has raised just a few questions.

According to a report done by CNET, Facebook will be updating US users’ newsfeeds with new “Community Actions”, a feature that details a cause, its goals, and then allows users to make the simply decision of supporting, adding further context, or moving on altogether.

The option to add special context may come especially handy, as it will allow users to contribute with photos, videos, or text that may lead other passing by “netizens” to feel more connected to an ongoing issue.

“Community Action is another way for people to advocate for changes in their communities and partner with elected officials and government agencies on solutions,” a Facebook spokesperson told CNET.

With community action, there seem to be a big emphasis on using the website’s extensive user-base in order to achieve fund goals faster and more conveniently. Yet with the same logic that this can be applauded, it can also create a few eye-raising questions.

Just yesterday, CCN stated that Facebook may be under record-setting charges FTC violation breaches, in fact, as the company states “The social media monopoly is accused of violating user privacy by selling their personal data to third parties without their consent — for years.”

Where this creates an issue -needless of there being a plausible argument that any help is better than no help – is with the company’s power in promoting content it thinks users will want to share – wether it be for political reasons or personal preference – instead of issues that need global support immediately.

Facebook is set on rolling out diverse petition-lists to users’ feeds starting this Monday, January 21st. As of now, the update seems planned to solely impact US users, with no statements on when other countries should expect the update.

The issue of personal safety, wether it be in direct payments or what types of issues are prompted to users, have not yet been detailed by Facebook, and CGM will update this article in case any further news follows.

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