Fallout Shelter Releases for PC, Gets New Update

Fallout Shelter Releases for PC, Gets New Update 1

If you like living in a post apocalyptic nuclear bomb shelter, controlling the lives of hundreds of doomed humans in Fallout Shelter, then July 14, 2016 is a good day for you. Bethesda dropped two bombs on Fallout Shelter fans today by announcing a new update and a release on a new platform.

Bethesda announced the largest update to date for the popular app Fallout Shelter. Update 1.6 brings some new additions to the popular app including a new quest system that allows players to assemble Dwellers to venture out of their shelters to familiar locations to find legendary loot and fight all new enemies. There is also a new game mechanic allowing players to control dwellers and select them to attack as well as partake in mini games. Along with that, the Update 1.6 gives players two new items to help players play more efficiently. These items include the Starter Pack that allows players to “jump start” their vaults, saving them the time of setting up their shelters, while Nuka-Cola Quantum allows players to instantly return Dwellers after a quest.

Fallout Shelter Releases For Pc, Gets New Update 1

That’s great if you already downloaded Fallout Shelter, but many players held out on downloading Fallout Shelter, waiting on its PC release. That wait is now over as it’s now available for free at Bethesda.net, to play on PC. The game won’t lag behind it’s smart device predecessors either as all previous updates to the game including 1.6 are included with this port.

There is no denying the reach and mass appeal of Fallout Shelter since it’s initial release on July 15, 2015. Over 50 million players have been dropped into the role of Overseer with five billion game sessions and 175 million Dwellers sent into the Wasteland. Now with it’s release on PC, that number is sure to grow exponentially with a new platform.

Good luck Overseers.

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