FanExpo: Day 1: All is Fairly Quiet

| Aug 24, 2012
FanExpo: Day 1: All is Fairly Quiet

All was fairly quiet at FanExpo in Toronto simply because it was the first day to the crazy busy weekend.  I’m sure the days to follow will be quite packed to the point that maneuvering the aisles will be a tricky task.  However being free to walk around the expo floor on the low attendance level day, I was able to see what is there and what people should check out during their visit to FanExpo!

If you are heading to Fanexpo this weekend here are a few things you might want to check out!

Halo 4: Swing by the Halo 4 booth located near the back.  Stand in line for your chance to play in a multiplayer round of Halo 4. You could be playing against a seasoned professional or just newbs to the Halo universe. However expect to be in line for awhile as Halo 4, as to be expected, is popular, so get there early to avoid 2 hour long lines!  Also if you are a Halo fan, check out the Mega Bloks booth.  There, for charity, you can place a piece of LEGO on a wall and receive a Halo mini figure.

Warner Bros: The WB booth is offering playable demos of both LEGO Lord of the Rings and the upcoming superhero smash down Injustice. While we didn’t spy any swag at the WB booth, it is definitely worth sometime to stop by and check out the games they are offering.

Ubisoft: The Ubisoft booth is always busy and bumping when you pass it by.  Here fans have the opportunity to play Just Dance 4, Assassin’s Creed III, RockSmith, Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, ZombiU and they are showcasing Far Cry 3. You can also pick up some AC3 merchandise, including a limited run t-shirt, only available at FanExpo, for $50.

Dead Before Dawn 3D: Not only is there a bloody Winnebago, but you can meet the creators, sign up for an advance screening and on the weekend meet the cast, Devon Bostick and Christopher Lloyd!

LEGO: If not for anything else, to snap a picture of the life sized LEGO Hulk! They were also handing out LEGO Darth Maul.

Make a Wish: Here you can donate some money to the Make A Wish Foundation,  not only can you help a great cause but for your donation you can get your picture snapped with a Storm Trooper and R2D2!

Stan Lee: We don’t care how you see him or where, but see him!

Also noteable booths to check out: PlayStation, Marvel and DC.

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