Fans are Begging Sega to Take Their Money

| April 18, 2016
Fans are Begging Sega to Take Their Money 2

Fans are sending photos of money to SEGA Europe in hopes that it will incentivize the company to localize some fan favourite Japanese games for the European audience.

This tweet actually got SEGA Europe’s attention, with their official Twitter account promising that they’re working on it.

Many gamers are on a mission, tweeting the company with the hashtag #TakeMyMoneySoE to butter Sega up for a European launch.

This campaign is a result of recent SEGA localizations of SEGA 3D Classics Collection, Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA X and 7


Dragon III: Code VFD for North America. Fans hope that showing SEGA the massive demand for these games will coerce the company into a European release.

Arguably, this is a much more civilized and productive alternative to an angry petition or hate mail – Although I think it would be even better if people started mailing SEGA a whole bunch of rings. (I’m kidding, probably don’t do this)

If you’d like to join in, here are the “official” steps:

  1. Get some bank notes, how much a game would cost in your local currency.This is an SoE focused effort so we’re looking at pounds, Euros, Australian or New Zealand dollars.
  2. Write the name of a game SoE has yet to make any sort of plans for in Europe, but that already came out (or is about to in the very near future) in the U.S., on a sheet of A4 paper in nice readable letters.
  3. Take a photo of these two things and post it on Twitter to @SEGA_Europe, with the hashtag #TakeMyMoneySoE somewhere in the tweet.

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