Farming Simulator 17 Recieving Big Bud DLC

Farming Simulator 17 Recieving Big Bud DLC 1

Somehow Farming Simulator has become one of the most popular games in the sim genre. What once looked like an interesting niche title, has become more widely accepted and praised. There’s a fandom that comes with the franchise, and developer Giants Software keeps them coming back with some very specific DLC. Now, those looking to do some more virtual farming can do so with a new DLC pack featuring the world’s largest tractor.

For the first time in series history, players can get into the Big Bud 747 tractor, along with the smaller Big Bud 450. With these come an array of equipment from Bednar, Great Plains, Grégoire-Besson, Seed Hawk, among others that give players a working width of up to 25 meters. .  This DLC will be available May 9, 2017 for Mac, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, though on consoles, they are also included in the season pass.

Farming Simulator has carved out a pretty popular fan base since its first title in 2012. The game allows players to work the land using equipment made by real-life brands. I actually reviewed Farming Simulator 17 in November of last year giving it a seven and a half out of 10 praising the title for its addictive gameplay to jump into while criticizing its relative lack of polish saying “I’m still kind of confused regarding how I feel about this game, but I can’t stop playing.”

Farming Simulator 17 is developed by the Swiss developer Giants Software. The studio started in 2004 and has since created a line-up that includes Farming Simulator, Demolition Company and its own game engine.  The title is also published by Focus Homer Interactive, who claim Blood Bowl 2, Divinity Original Sin, The Technomancer, Act of Aggression,  and Space Hulk: Deathwing among others in their catalogue.

Cody Orme
Cody Orme

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