The Ferrari 296 GTB is coming to Fortnite

| July 22, 2021
The Ferrari 296 GTB is coming to Fortnite

If you ever wanted to know what it’s like to drive a Ferrari without the worry of damaging looks like you’ll have that chance in Fortnite.

For the first time ever a licensed car is making its way to the hugely popular Battle Royal game. Which Ferrari you’ll be able to drive is a yet-to-be-released one, the Ferrari 296 GTB slated to come out sometime in 2022. The actual real-life car comes with a turbocharged V6 engine and an electric motor for 818 horsepower; it’s a lot of horses. The price for this beast of a driving machine starts at $330,000 USD, that’s a lot of cheddar.

The collaboration between Epic Games and the premium car brand was previously teased on Fortnite’s Twitter yesterday. Now while Fortnite in the video game space is known for the many collaboration it does like movies, comic book characters, other video games, or celebrities like Travis Scott or recently LeBron James. Ferrari is a first for the game and is more well-known for its celebrity and brand collaborations. Knowing that Ferrari formed its own Esports division back in 2019 knowing this new now it shouldn’t be that surprising.

Epic has revealed that the Ferrari will play like other vehicles in Fortnite, the difference though is the sound as you’ll hear it rev up like the real car. Drivable cars were introduced to the battle royale game during season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2. When the new feature was introduced vehicles weren’t on actual real-world vehicles but I guess that all changes for at least one vehicle.

Now before anyone comes in with their ‘um actually PUBG…’ yes it’s very well documented that Fortnite isn’t the first battle royale shooter to feature licensed cars. PUBG: Mobile has that honour in some capacity as it has added Teslas, including Model Ys and self-driving Tesla Semis.

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