Final Fantasy VII Will Be Episodic

Final Fantasy VII Will Be Episodic 2

The PlayStation Experience was held in Sanfrancisco this past weekend. With such a big event it had its share of surprises and game announcements, but for the Final Fantasy fans, Square-Enix had something special in store.

Not only did they drop a new trailer for, that not only gave fans a bit of a bigger look into what Final Fantasy VII Remake will look and feel like, it also included a look at combat and action in the game. It is hard to say how the game will play, and if it will keep the turn-based combat of the original title, or if they will try for a more active battle system as seen in Final Fantasy XV. What is for certain, Square-Enix has managed to make the visuals from the trailers transfer to the gameplay experience. Making for a more seamless and immersive experience.


That was not all though, Square-Enix managed to drop one last exciting piece of news as the PSX was about to come to a close. Final Fantasy VII will not be one single release, but rather an episodic experience. With such an expansive game as Final Fantasy VII, it is unclear how Square plans to separate the sections, but this could be a very interesting way to play FFVII. More details will come out as development progresses, but from what they have shown so far, FFVII is looking solid to this point.

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