Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light to be Globally Released on Netflix

Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light to be Globally Released on Netflix

The live-action TV miniseries, titled Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light, announced through the show’s twitter page that it will be releasing worldwide on Netflix sometime this fall.

Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light is a story about a father and son, mending a strained relationship through the time they spend together playing Final Fantasy XIV. The live-action series is an adaptation of a blog of the same name, inspired by the real life events of a father and son. Starting in August 2014, the Daddy of Light blog ran for 32 entries, ending in 2016. The blog was turned into a book by the Japanese publisher, Kodansha.

After the son offers his 60-year-old father a copy of Final Fantasy XIV as a gift, he anonymously helped his father through the game while blogging the experience. Casting veteran Japanese actor Ren Osugi and Yudai Chiba as the father and son, the show will make use of live-action scenes and gameplay from Final Fantasy XIV to tell its story.

Final Fantasy XIV is the second MMORPG developed by Square Enix, released in 2010. The game was originally met with backlash by players, additionally receiving negative reception from critics. Square Enix shut the game down soon after with Square Enix formally apologizing for the game’s poor launch.

After being redeveloped by a new team, Final Fantasy XIV relaunched as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn in 2013. The game featured a new engine, revised gameplay mechanics and a new story, building off the closing of the original game. The re-release has been considered a great success by both fans and critics, garnering over 6 million subscribing players since its release. The game received multiple expansions such as the upcoming Stormblood expansion set for June 20, 2017.

Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light will air on TV in Japan Mid-April. An official statement from Netflix has yet to be made about the series.

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