Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Beta Test Begins Next Week

| Jul 26, 2017

Testing for Final Fantasy XV‘s multiplayer mode will begin next week.

For those who might not be aware, Square Enix announced that Final Fantasy XV would be getting additional content which would not only consist of single player episodes, but a forthcoming multiplayer mode. The upcoming multiplayer addition will be called “Comrades”. Those who purchased the season pass for Final Fantasy XV will be able to partake in the closed online beta between August 3-8 2017.

The Comrades mode will allow players to create their own avatars, complete with customization options. In the beta, players will only have access to eight slots. Some of the limited customization options for the beta include four Royal Sigils and four weapons consisting of daggers, shurikens, clubs and katanas.

Final Fantasy Xv Multiplayer Beta Test Begins Next Week

After players create their avatar, they will be given access to the outpost, which acts as the tutorial area. From the outpost, players will be given three quests to partake in. Details surrounding the quests themselves are scarce, however the quest rewards seem to suggest tough encounters as they are substantial. Rewards include the likes of Meteor shards which can be used to increase the scope of other in game activities.

Final Fantasy Xv Multiplayer Beta Test Begins Next Week 1

Just like the base game, cooking will be a big part of the multiplayer experience. In the beta, players will be given one ingredient per quest, which can then be used and cooked in the outpost area. Meals should provide a good means of fuel for the adventures that await in the multiplayer world of Final Fantasy XV.

The beta will have matchmaking, allowing players to team up with others, but once the full Comrades DLC is out, players will be able to play with AI companions in addition to real-world people. Additionally, players will be able to also play as one of the four heroes from Final Fantasy XV over their custom created avatar, if they wish to do so. No official release date has been announced for the Comrades downloadable content at this time.

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