Final Fantasy XVI – Basic Development is reportedly already complete

| Oct 8, 2020
Final Fantasy XVI - Basic Development is reportedly already complete
Square Enix have recently revealed that Final Fantasy XVI has finished basic development and scenario production and are moving into other portions of production.

According to a new recruitment page posted on Square’s website, the development team, led by producer Naoki Yoshida and director Hiroshi Takai, have announced that they are looking for “final staff” to help flourish the world of Final Fantasy XVI, helping now to create “various stages / fields, large-scale cutscenes, and creating character actions.” Building large scale resources and boss battles were also topics mentioned in their posting.

The team have also mentioned that the staff is currently working remotely, and that the resource production pipeline is undergoing major changes for the next generation. “It is attractive to support this pipeline and hone your next-generation HD game production skills, gain experience, and expand your career.” The posting states, “In addition, especially in action production and map production, there is still room for incorporating your own ideas, so we are waiting for applications from those who have such a challenging spirit.”

This recent posting continues to fuel the notion that Final Fantasy XVI has been worked on for quite some time and may be coming sooner than expected when compared to past recent titles in the series. Yoshi-P has also mentioned how much initial production has already gone into the game prior to it’s unveiling at September’s PlayStation 5 event.

Final Fantasy XVI currently has no release date, but has been announced to release exclusively on PlayStation 5. Yoshi-P also promises more big, exciting announcements about the game sometime next year.

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