Find Your Perfect Tag Partner In Wrestling With Emotions

| Jun 8, 2016
Find Your Perfect Tag Partner In Wrestling With Emotions 1

Plenty of dating simulators exist out there with interesting stories, such as the one where you attend a school for pigeons, or the one where you romance a ukulele-playing T-rex. Just when players think they can’t get any more diverse, along comes Wrestling With Emotions.

Released today on PC by Team Lazerbeam, the folks behind Snow Cones and Pizza Quest, Wrestling With Emotions is a pay-what-you-want wrestling dating simulator where players will try to find the perfect match for a young, lonely wrestler. Using their unique Look Out Lovers (LOL) character creation system, players will attempt to pile drive the hearts of 8 different hunks through speed dating.

Key features of the game include:

  • Explore 400 unique possibilities as you use LOL to build your ultimate alter-ego!
  • Speed-date your way through 8 sweaty studs!
  • Advanced arousal system that secretly keeps track of how other wrestlers feel about you.
  • 10 mega-excellent songs!
  • Tons of state-of-the-art-punk graphics!
  • Plus! Heaps of the kind of hilarious (and sometimes bewildering) writing and radical mechanics that have made Team Lazerbeam a household name!

More will be added to the game in 2017 with WWE2: Summer of Sweat.

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