First Concept from new Hitman game releasde

| May 28, 2014
First Concept from new Hitman game releasde 1

If your like me and enjoy the Hitman series, you may have been wondering what was up with the development of the franchise. Well it seems it will be missing E3 this year, but the first concept shot from the game have been released, along with a statment from IOI. From what it seems, the game is in active development, they just need more time before it is in a presentable state. If the image is anything to go by, the game is looking stunning. The lighting and shadows being shown, if in real time, are what was promised we should expect from the PS4 and the Xbox One. It is really hard to say what this game will look like in motion, but I am optimistic the team at IO Interactive know what they are doing.

Hitman - Productionconcept

What do you think, will this new Hitman live up to expectations, or should the series take a break? Sound off in the comments section bellow!

Read the full story from IO Interactive here

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