First Crowd Publishing Platform In Open Beta

| April 28, 2016
First Crowd Publishing Platform In Open Beta 3

Gamers who feel they have the most creative idea on the market, but no actual development experience, may want to consider pitching to the first crowd-publishing platform, BrightLocker.

BrightLocker brings gamers together to choose the next game they want to play and create. The process starts with people pitching their creative ideas to the community as they begin to vote for which ideas the most exciting. After three rounds of voting, one game will remain and get funding.

The creator of the idea will get to participate in the development process alongside the creative team and have the opportunity to get a share of the revenue when the game is released. People who help fund the project will also get to reap the rewards by getting achievements, digital currency and even the chance to get cash.

The platform is currently in open beta for people to try out and plans to release its first game, LightEaters, on the Apple App Store soon.

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