Kickstarter Competitor BrightLocker Launches Today

Kickstarter Competitor BrightLocker Launches Today 1

Move over, Kickstarter and Patreon, there’s a new kid on the block and he’s looking to make a name for himself.

 Founded by a group of gaming veterans, BrightLocker is looking to be the newest way for gamers and developers to connect. Taking notes from other giants in the industry, BrightLocker is trying to change the way gamers fund the development of their favourite games.

BrightLocker is first and foremost a crowdfunding service. The service is designed to get developers and gamers interacting in ways never before done in the industry. This includes built in live streaming features, exclusive content delivery methods and direct access to the opinions of your fans. You can check out the trailer for the service below.

The first step for gamers on BrightLocker is to find and follow games that they find interesting. This will keep them updated on any and all developments that are made. If gamers want to take their support to the next level, they can subscribe to a monthly campaign that will help them fund the games they are interested in. If they want to support the game but do not want to directly subscribe, gamers can also purchase physical or digital rewards that will help fund the games.

“Fostering the relationships and interaction between players and developers is at the very heart of what BrightLocker stands for,” said John Burns, COO, BrightLocker. “Our mission is to change the way players interact with developers and we’re excited to bring BrightLocker to the gaming industry.”

BrightLocker intends to become the go-to destination for the crowd sourced game development industry. The site is centred on being a community where gamers, developers, and content creators can come together and work towards making the games they think are interesting. The service features a voting season where users can vote on game pitches. The winning pitches will move on to the funding and development stages of the site’s services.

Some of the games on the service currently are: Descent Underground, Life is Feudal, and Fractured Space. Any gamers interested in the site can check it out, here.

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