Five New Characters Coming to The Fantastic ‘To Your Eternity’ Anime

Five New Characters Coming to To Your Eternity Anime 2

To Your Eternity is a popular manga series that debuted in Weekly Shonen Magazine in late 2016 before also receiving an anime adaptation that started airing in early 2021. It’s set to run for 20 episodes but it’s still growing its cast 13 episodes in.

Five new characters were just announced for To Your Eternity and they will be joining the anime in the 13th episode, which should be available for Crunchyroll subscribers on July 12 at 12:30 ET. This is when viewers will be able to meet Tonari, Sandel, Uroi, Mia, and Upa for the first time but their character is available to view now.

Five New Characters Coming To The Fantastic 'To Your Eternity' Anime

The image comes courtesy of Comic Natalie, and they also shared the names of those portraying the new characters. From left to right on top and then on bottom, they are: Eri Inagawa as Tonari, Yu Kobayashi as Sandel, Nobuyuki Kobushi as Uroi, Yuko Natsuyoshi as Mia, and Konomi Kohara as Upa.

To Your Eternity is an epic fantasy about an immortal hero that discovers what life is in part due to their powers but also from those around them. An orb that lives forever is able to change into the form of whatever stimulates the orb, which leads to the transformation into a boy named Fushi.

Five New Characters Coming To The Fantastic 'To Your Eternity' Anime

Fushi grows and learns while they are in this human form called Fushi while also meeting new people and escaping danger while exploring new lands. To Your Eternity’s manga and its anime adaptation have both received praise from critics for their narrative, characters, artwork, and tone. IGN listed To Your Eternity in the site’s new anime recommendations for Spring 2021 when it first debuted. As of writing, the show is still airing but there are several episodes available on Crunchyroll, along with the manga, which can also be read by anyone subscribed to the premium video streaming service.

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