Fortnite Fleet Force Bundle Drops New Official Joy-cons June 4

Fortnite Fleet Force Bundle Drops New Official Joy-cons June 4 1
Nintendo is releasing a special pair of Fortnite-branded Joy-cons June 4, alongside a bundle of V-bucks and cosmetics.

The Fortnite Fleet Force Bundle contains a blue left-hand Joy-con, a yellow right-hand Joy-con, 500 V-bucks, and a download code for in-game cosmetics for gliders and stun-batons. Nintendo announced this next crossover with Epic Games today on social media.

The Fortnite Fleet Force Bundle Will Include Special Themed Joy-Cons, V-Bucks, And Unique Cosmetics.
The Fortnite Fleet Force Bundle will include special themed Joy-Cons, V-bucks, and unique cosmetics. (Nintendo)

The blue controller features the game’s “F” logo on the back, while the yellow is made to resemble Peely, the anthropomorphic banana character featured in various events. The Home button serves as one of its eyes, and a sticker on the rear side references the emote “Nana Nana,” otherwise known as the “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” dance.

A price was not announced at this time, though a pair of Joy-cons retails for $99.99 CAD, so this bundle should cost no less.

This bundle’s colouring is the opposite of the WildCat Bundle released in November, the Nintendo Switch console bundle featuring a Fortnite-styled dock and Joy-cons, as well as 2000 V-bucks. It retailed for $399.99 CAD like all other Switch hardware, including the Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Mario-themed hardware. Dedicated fans who already own the limited edition console may want to see out this bundle to complete their themed pairs.

Epic Games has spread the promotional tie-in love for its hit battle-royale shooter across multiple platforms over the years, but Nintendo players may get the best goodies. While Switch players have had the options of licensed hardware, PlayStation and Xbox players have been able to get download codes bundled with regular controllers. Fortnite‘s success with Nintendo has inspired competition like Overwatch and Apex Legends to push their games onto the hybrid console.

The announcement comes on the eve of Fortnite‘s new season. Chapter 2 Season 5 will be ushered out with a solo event tomorrow, which Epic calls their “most ambitious” yet. Players can experience the change of seasons upon logging in for the first time after 4AM Eastern.

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