Fortnite: Patch V8.01 Brings Treasure Maps and Exciting New Tournaments

Fortnite: Patch V8.01 Brings Treasure Maps and Exciting New Tournaments

Fortnite just announced a new Buried Treasure map item for Battle Royale , which lets players track down chests containing legendary loot.

Of course, the new item must be found before the treasure hunting can begin. These treasure maps can be found in either Chests or as Floor Loot. Fortnite players can only carry around one map at a time.

Near the end of the treasure hunt, “X” literally marks the spot, and players must use a pickaxe to dig it up. If a player successfully manages to dig up the chest, they will get to open it and receive a legendary item.

Along with the new item, Fortnite is also getting new tournaments. The Gauntlet Solo and Gauntlet Duo test events will be happening in order to test some format updates. The event is a single season and is extended until March 9 at 7 p.m. ET. Since there are extended hours, this means that players in duos will each have their own scores. This score is still their own even when changing partners.

The updated scoring system is as follows:

Bus Fare: -2 points
Victory Royale: +3 points (+10 total)
Second to Fifth Place: +2 points (+7 total)
Sixth to Tenth Place: +2 points (+5 total)
Eleventh to Twenty-Sixth Place: +3 Points (+3 Total)
Each Elimination: +1 Point

Points will not go into the negatives, and Fortnite players who get a negative score at the end of a tournament will have their score set to zero.

As for the Gauntlet Solo and Gauntlet Duo Finals, it is a scheduled event that lasts up to three hours. The match limit is 10 and the scoring system is the same as the test events.

The top 3,000 players in each server’s region will get to advance to the next round on Sunday.

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