Fortnite Returns with as an All-New Game in Chapter 2

Fortnite Returns with as an All-New Game in Chapter 2

Epic Games has set up the next version of Fortnite, as Chapter 2 goes live today. The new chapter of Fortnite: Battle Royale adds a new map, new water gameplay, new squad support weapons, hideouts, and explosives. Additionally, the new chapter includes upgraded gameplay, a streamlined weapon arsenal, and less of a grind for those Battle Pass rewards.

Because we’ve stepped into a new chapter, we also get a brand new Battle Pass for Season 1. The new battle pass will grant owners the usual goodies, including new skins, new weapon wraps, new axes, and new dances. It will also reward players with 1500 V-bucks, which will allow them to purchase the Season 2 Battle Pass simply with the Season One rewards, as both will cost only 950 V-bucks.

The Patch Notes for Chapter 2 are live already, but they’re a bit vague on all of the changes. Mostly what we know is that Fortnite will now host its Battle Royale matches on a new map that has 13 new locations, including the water, so you can now swim, fish, or hop on a boat at your own leisure.

Squad support now includes a bandage bazooka, a new high-five group emote, and the ability to carry your fallen teammates into cover. Players can now hide in haystacks and dumpsters, and take down their enemies with explosive barrels.

Weapons now have a new arsenal UI and can be upgraded using resources at the upgrade bench.

You can check out the new Fortnite Chapter 2 map, with 13 new locations to explore, in the trailer Epic Games dropped this morning.

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