Frank West returns in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

| Apr 13, 2011
Frank West returns in Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

“What would you have done differently?”

Everyone loves to play “What if,” and Capcom has never been above official fan fiction. The publisher has unveiled Dead Rising 2: Off the Record, a remake of the 2010 sequel that replaces Chuck Greene with Frank West in order to find out how things would have unfolded with a different protagonist running the show. The original Dead Rising hero will have to use his camera to uncover the truth about the Fortune City outbreak, and it’s so much the better if a few zombies have to die along the way.

The gameplay is otherwise exactly what you’d expect from Dead Rising, although Capcom has made a few changes for the re-imagining. For starters, Frank’s camera will be integral to the gameplay, and players will be able to earn Prestige Points for taking photos that are particularly dramatic, brutal, and/or erotic. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record will also feature new story elements, new missions, new weapons, new environments, and new monsters, so it sounds like it’s a true remake and not a cheap re-release of last year’s game.

The first trailer and screenshots are below. The video gets the point across and even throws in a few zombie suplexes for good measure. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record is in development at Capcom’s Vancouver studio and will be out in the Fall of 2011 for the Xbox 360, the PS3, and the PC.

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