Frogwares Unveils Open-world Lovecraftian Game, The Sinking City

| March 8, 2016
Frogwares Unveils Open-world Lovecraftian Game, The Sinking City 2

Frogware is known for the Sherlock Holms series of games. They manage to capture the feeling of the novels, capturing the atmosphere of the era all while maintaining a fun unique gameplay experience. Today Frogware announces something very different, they will be tackling the Cthulhu mythos next with their open-world title, The Sinking City.

There have been many Lovecraftian games, some of them have been highly regarded such as Call of Cthulhu. The concept of an open-world title in the Lovecraft mythos is an exciting prospect. It will allow players to get the sense of dread, fear, and place that many games that tackle the subject matter fail to take on.

The Sinking City will be a game of investigation. The player embodies a private investigator in the 1920’s who finds themselves in a city of New England, Oakmont Massachusett. You will find yourself in a city overcome by water and on the brink of madness, with your job being to try and uncover the cause of all the troubles.

There is as of yet no date for release or platforms; we will update the story when more information surfaces.

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