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World Of Horror Review 7

World of Horror Review

 |  Lane Martin
My first exposure to the works of Japanese horror icon Junji Ito came as a teenager when a friend loaned me his DVD of Uzumaki, a collection of his works about maddening spirals.
The Sinking City Review

The Sinking City Review

 |  Preston Dozsa
Rarely does cosmic horror work in video games, but sometimes an exception like The Sinking City comes along and nails the themes perfectly. It’s slow, unnerving terror sinks its teeth into you, sometimes literally, and forces you to fight for every clue in what is a finely crafted batch of mysteries. Its technically rough, and […]
Call Of Cthulhu (Ps4) Review 1

Call of Cthulhu (PS4) Review

 |  Preston Dozsa
I am entranced by Lovecraftian horror. The breaking of the mind in the face of cosmic powers beyond comprehension appeals to me, as it emphasizes the indifference and lack of power humanity has over the world. Done well, and it can shake you to the core.
Lovecraft Inspired Game, The Sinking City Receives Publisher 1

Lovecraft Inspired Game, The Sinking City Secures Publisher

 |  Zubi Khan
The H.P Lovecraft inspired mystery adventure game, The Sinking City has officially got a publisher behind it.
Conarium Preview - Lovecraftian Axing

Conarium Preview – Lovecraftian Axing

 |  Jed Whitaker
First-person horror games are all the rage on Steam these days—anything to get the man-children on YouTube to scream for their impressionable audiences.
The Old Ones Would Shudder At The Mountains Of Madness (Preview)

At The Mountains of Madness Preview

 |  Jake Yanik
Here’s a tip: If someone asks if you’d like to experience H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness … read the novella. I would like to think that there’s a future for the Early Access game of the same name, but it’s hard to see just what that may be. This is always a tough thing […]
Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure Preview

Gibbous: A Cthulhu Adventure Preview

 |  Bella Lara Blondeau
“Lovecraftian” and “nostalgic” are two buzzwords that have practically lost meaning in today’s pop culture landscape. Every other movie is a reboot, and several horror games trot out tired eldritch terror imagery. Not to mention Cthulu, one of the Great Old Ones himself, is practically nothing more than an edgy teenage meme at this point. […]
Frogwares Unveils Open-World Lovecraftian Game, The Sinking City 2

Frogwares Unveils Open-world Lovecraftian Game, The Sinking City

 |  Brendan Frye
Frogware is known for the Sherlock Holms series of games.
Grim Dawn (Pc) Review 1

Grim Dawn (PC) Review

 |  Jake Yanik
It’s been a long road for Grim Dawn in its travels to full release from its Kickstarter debut nearly four years ago and my, has it been enjoyable. Looking at my Steam account, I have just a hair under five hundred hours clocked since the first backer Alpha in May of 2013. More than three […]

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