Lovecraft Inspired Game, The Sinking City Secures Publisher

Lovecraft Inspired Game, The Sinking City Secures Publisher

The H.P Lovecraft inspired mystery adventure game, The Sinking City has officially got a publisher behind it.

Frogware, the masterminds behind The Sinking City announced that the upcoming title will be published by BigBen Interactive.

For those unfamiliar with the upcoming title, The Sinking City is set in 1920’s Oakmont Massachusetts. In the game, the city has been taken over by insane and unfathomable supernatural forces. As players delve into the cosmic horror fueled title, they will be tasked in finding out what exactly happened to the once beautiful city and its people.

The game utilizes a third person camera, in which players must explore the nightmarish hellscape that is the once pleasant old city.

As is the tradition with fiction that draws inspiration from Lovecraftian horror, The Sinking City will be a game in which the player must avoid succumbing to the monstrous terrors that await them.

Frogware’s most popular work includes Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened. The Sherlock homes title also drew inspiration from the legendary Cthulhu Mythos.

Wael Amr, CEO of Frogwares had this this to say,

“The Sinking City is our biggest project to date and is a natural evolution of our game design style that we’ve been polishing since our first Sherlock Holmes game. We’ve received both commercial and critical success with our Sherlock Holmes series. The Sinking City takes that heritage to an even grander and ambitious level. We are looking forward to continuing our partnership with Bigben and joining forces again.”

Additionally, Benoit Clerc, The Video Game Director over at Bigben, added,

“We are proud to be continuing our collaboration with Frogwares on a project as rich and innovative as The Sinking City. Lovecraft’s imagination has been a source of fantastical inspiration and the studio’s vision for The Sinking City is breathtaking. All of this experienced team’s talent will come together to develop an open world blending investigation, action and adventure in a town where horror merges into madness.”

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Players wanting to check out The Sinking City will have to wait until sometime in 2018, as the title is still currently in development. The game will be available on PC and Consoles, with no specifics on exact platforms.

Zubi Khan
Zubi Khan

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