Genshin Impact Gets Update 2.6, and a Fresh New Character With Kamisato Ayato

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After the last successful ‘Enchanting Journey of Snow and Stars‘ event, miHoYo took to Twitter to announce their next playable character for Genshin Impact‘s update 2.6, and it’s about to get wet.

As the brother of the already existing character, Kamisato Ayaka, it is worth mentioning they don’t share the same element as she specializes in Cryo to deal damage. The Genshin Impact Special Program that aired today, finally told users when update 2.5 will go live, and that’s on February 16. As a part of their decisive anticipation-based marketing campaigns, miHoYo announces updates for their juggernaut title before the prior one releases.

Genshin Impact Yae Miko: Everything We Know | Pc Gamer
Update 2.5 Banner Character Yae Miko

Yae Miko leads the charge in update 2.5 as a five-star Electro character, and with the new wish banners the returning character, Raiden Shogun, another Electro-based character shows their face again. This is all by clever design, as update 2.5 brings about story elements that take place in Inazuma. Shogun’s story and Yae’s story quests will be immediately available when this update drops.

Update 2.5 also brings new Archon Quests where both of the banner characters are heavily featured. The current banner that features the fan-favourite Geo character, Zhongli, will be available right until February 15th, so fans looking to secure the five-star character will have until then.

Although the anticipated update 2.6 Kamisata Ayato has been revealed, not much information has been given regarding his kit, attack patterns, or even weapon type, although it definitely appears to be a one-handed katana-like sword.

Genshin Impact’s update 2.5 launches on February 16, and the head of the Kamisato clan has been announced as a playable character prime for update 2.6. As more information becomes available, fans can follow the official miHoYo Twitter to stay looped into the action.

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