Ghost of Tsushima drops new story trailer with a release date and special editions

Ghost of Tsushima drops new story trailer with a release date and special editions 3

Sucker Punch Productions revealed new details for samurai adventure game Ghost of Tsushima, showing off a story trailer and official release date for June 26, 2020.

The project was first shown by Sony in 2017 before it was kept under wraps, with a live E3 demo in 2018 showing off strategic swordplay and stealth combat. Enemies also have different traits and encourage players to treat every duel differently (in the style of Shadow of War or Dark Souls).

According to Andrew Goldfarb in Playstation’s latest blog post, Ghosts of Tsushima is also told across a third-person narrative and illustrates a revenge tale set near the end of feudal Japan.

Ghost Of Tsushima Drops New Story Trailer With A Release Date And Special Editions
Ghost of Tsushima – Sucker Punch Productions

Its story trailer introduced protagonist Jin Sakai as he is trained to fight an invading Mongul force in Tsushima Island. He later becomes vengeful in a quest to kill Khotun Khan while growing distant from the ways of the samurai. Sakai dons a mask and wields a katana as The Ghost.

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Other details teased a big battle at the beginning of the game as Sakai leads a daring charge against the Moguls. This includes players getting to ride a horse across the game’s open-ended maps and approach enemies with stealth to avoid larger confrontations.

In true Zatoichi-style, players can even plunge katanas through thin doors to kill unsuspecting guards and zip away in a grappling hook.

Highly-rendered environments from the trailer’s PS4 Pro footage illustrated a journey through blossom fields, dark villages under guard and fiery battlefields Jin can navigate on horseback.

Ghost Of Tsushima Drops New Story Trailer With A Release Date And Special Editions
Ghost of Tsushima – Sucker Punch Productions

Playstation’s post also told players they can pick up Ghost of Tsushima digitally, or go the physical route with two special editions each containing unique bonuses.

Pre-ordering any versions of the game gives players “a Jin avatar, a digital mini soundtrack featuring select songs from the game, and a Jin PS4 dynamic theme based on our box art.”

Its Digital Deluxe Edition comes with in-game cosmetics for Jin and two items which give players an edge against foes at the start. This edition also comes with a “Samurai PS4 dynamic theme” for the home screen and an art book featuring concepts of the game.

Its physical editions vary from a standard copy to its Special Edition, bundling a steelbook for the game and the same bonus content as the Digital Deluxe version (art, items and cosmetics).

Players can spend more for its Collector’s Edition which comes with a replica Ghost mask worn by Jin across the game. The box even contains several fabric cloths and a war banner. The digital bonuses mentioned are also included to make this a complete package.

Ghosts of Tsushima comes exclusively on the Playstation 4 on June 26 worldwide. You can check out the previous E3 2018 gameplay and CAD prices for the game editions below. Pre-orders are also available now across major game retailers and online stores.

Standard Edition: $79.99 CAD MSRP

Digital Standard Edition: $79.99 CAD MSRP

Digital Deluxe Edition: $89.99 CAD MSRP

Special Edition: $89.99 CAD MSRP

Collector’s Edition $219.99 CAD MSRP

YouTube video
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