Grab a few upgrades with the Rage Anarchy Edition and a new gameplay trailer

| April 18, 2011

Some people will do anything for a better defibrillator.

Bethesda has released a new gameplay trailer for id’s upcoming Rage, and this time they’re sending us to the Dead City for a little heart-healthy scavenger hunt. The 5+minute Defibrillator Upgrade Mission gives us a great look at the new engine in action, and while Rage will definitely trigger flashbacks to Borderlands, it’s still looking like a pretty impressive accomplishment. I’m personally a big fan of the skyline, although the monster design and the boomerang are probably going to generate a bit more community interest.

In other news, Bethesda has also announced that all North American customers who pre-order Rage at GameStop, Amazon, Steam, or Direct2Drive will automatically be upgraded to the Anarchy Edition at no additional charge. The Anarchy Edition includes the Double Barreled Shotgun, The Fists of Rage, the Crimson Elite Armor, and the Rat Rod Buggy as exclusive in-game items.

The new trailer is below. Rage will be available on Sept. 13



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