Guardians of the Galaxy Gains New Team Members

Guardians of the Galaxy Gains New Team Members - 2014-04-17 21:31:46

Alongside their upcoming feature film debut, The Guardians of the Galaxy are nearing another impressive milestone as the team reaches their 100th issue of a “Guardians” comic book with Guardians of the Galaxy #14.

Not only that, but the team is gaining two new powerful members – Venom and Captain Marvel – who will debut in the most recent issue.  

The group has come a long way since readers first encountered the eccentric team in 1969’s Marvel Super Heroes #18. The early 90’s saw them appearing in their own self-titled series written by Brian Michael Bendis that lasted 62 issues, and in 2008 they entered the modern Marvel Universe in the aftermath of the Annihilation: Conquest.

The inclusion of Venom and Captain Marvel will add an interesting layer to an already dynamic team which includes players from across the galaxy.

The Earthbound Venom, who has plenty of history with other characters as a result of the symbiotic suit, will give readers a fresh perspective on a team that is quite unlike any other. New readers coming in – likely as a result of all the hype surrounding the team nowadays – will appreciate this unique point-of-view Venom offers as he adjusts to crime fighting in space.

Captain Marvel on the other hand has been all over time and space, and will offer more of a leadership role with the team that deals with all sorts of baddies from across the galaxy, something she has plenty of experience with. Guardians of the Galaxy #14 hits shelves April 23.

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