Halo Infinite Co-op Campaign Is Unveiled

343 Industries has unveiled the upcoming Halo Infinite Co-Op campaign, and many of the features that were promised before release have also been confirmed, with testing imminent.

Community Director at 343 Industries, Brian Jarrard corroborated this in a Tweet sent yesterday, that the ‘network co-op Insider flight build’ is still in the works and set to release hopefully ASAP, while also noting the insider build was listed as ‘the week of July 11.’For those lucky enough to get a chance at taking part in the insider build for the Halo Infinite campaign, the Tweet can be seen below.

Halo Infinite Shows Off Its Big Co-Op Campaign, Featuring 4-Player

A user by the name of cormack12 on NeoGaf who has gotten the exalted chance at test-driving the game made many notes on their time with the Halo Infinite Co-op campaign, and this is what they said:

Halo Infinite Co-Op Campaign Impressions From NeoGaf

  • Skulls shared
  • Four player fireteam in co-op
  • Can review furthest point completed and start from least advanced player
  • Difficulty is scaled (aggressive AI, defensive tactics etc)
  • Ammo crates and supplies also scaled to fireteam size
  • Cut scenes skippable by one fireteam member for all
  • Collectibles added to all players when looted
  • Every fireteam member plays as chief to maintain continuity
  • Waiting to spawn in, you can watch the other players
  • You can grapple off other spartans
  • Can be some distance away, but get warned to return to fireteam (should be able to get to nearbys FOBS in most places)
  • If you ignore it, you get killed and then spawn in back with your buddies
  • Can spawn in mid firefight if buddy is in ‘safe’ place
  • You can replay a different mission and return to current actively mission later without losing progress – can freely hop from the tac map
  • Waypoints are shared and visible to all members
  • Spartan cores are claimed by all fireteam members (unless you already own it from your own campaign obv)
  • If a player drops out, all players need to return to menu screen to form the fireteam again (no drop-in) to maintain session persistence
  • Can change difficulty mid session and add skulls
  • You will maintain all unlocked abilities if you start from previous co-op session (e.g. if you have the drop shield, but join a session before it has been found you can still use it)
  • Squad wipe reverts to system checkpoint

There is also a posted Halo Infinite Co-Op Campaign preview provided by 343 Industries, with over an hour of campaign footage with commentary, that can be seen from YouTube here.

YouTube video

The most promising of these revelations is the inclusion of a scaling difficulty. Very much like MLB The Show 22, or even Outriders’ World Tier system, difficulty scaling has proven to be a worthy commodity for the conscious gamer that wants to hit that sweet spot between too easy, and too difficult. Judging by previous LASO (Legendary All Skulls On) Halo campaign challenges, this is a sigh of relief.

Jarrard went on to say the team is “Still targeting this week, but it’s day to day as work continues. Ty for your patience and understanding” regarding the delayed flight on the Halo Infinite campaign. Fans looking for more info can follow the Creative Director on Twitter for more info regarding this release.

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