Hayao Miyazaki to Build Children’s Nature Retreat

| September 1, 2015
Hayao Miyazaki to Build Children’s Nature Retreat

Hayao Miyazaki, known worldwide for his heart-warming animated works such as My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away, is working to build a nature retreat for children.

According to the Japan Times, the new area will be completed by 2018. The park will be set in a virgin forest and will replace the current playground.

Miyazaki is the one spearheading this project and wants an area where children can reconnect with nature. With many of his films containing the theme of nature and man’s connection to it, this concept comes as no surprise.

He is working with the local town and will be fronting ¥300 million to complete the construction. To keep work on the park as local as possible, Miyazaki is looking into working with local firms.

Construction is expected to start in April 2016.

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